Consumer Intelligence Breadcrumbs
Consumer Intelligence E-Mails
Consumer Intelligence PURLS
Consumer Intelligence Texts
  • CI Breadcrumbs allows you to track each prospect’s behavior and respond with personalized communications on the CI PURL or to automate follow up communications via CI E-Mails or CI Texts respectively based on their learned preferences.

  • This software tool empowers marketers to personalize communication throughout their sales process. Speaking to prospects as individuals converts a higher percentage of leads from one step to another, maximizing marketing dollars.

  • Literally, every element on their PURL can change to speak directly to their needs such as; size of the PURL (responsive), images based on rules such as degrees or majors, personalized text like name or next steps based on profile, links to click on and even colors if you are so inclined.

  • For contacts who prefer mobile devices as their main source of communication, CI Texts allows you to communicate through the prospective clients’ most preferred method of communication without loosing them if they don’t regularly check their personalized website or check email that often.